Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Real BlogSpot blog names, with commentary

Kevin's Dead Cat
This stinks.

sOledAd..a KeEpiN for thE lonEly...wHEn thE meMorY is gONe...
I'm trying to forget this aSaP.

i miss yoo.
And I miss yews. Damn, those were nice trees.

don't you mean melvin doo?

I'm Fat: Fat with Dreams. Fat with Hope. Fat with Love.
It's not "fat." It's "strategic adipose reserves."

Must make it tough buying gloves.

Hey... Listen!

And they whirl and and they twirl and they tango
The fact that I immediately got the "Muskrat Love" reference makes me very, very sad.

Feral Cats in the News ~ the Feral Cat Blog!
Hopefully, the muskrats will clear this up.

Vomit The Soul
Consider it done.

The One ANd Only Meeee!!
Thank God.

i cHoOse tO loVe u iN siLeNcE..cUx iN siLenCe i fiNd nO reJecTioN...
Wrong. Leave.

i tried to say goodbye
Try again.

WittySquirrel's Insane Ramblings...
[Insert nut joke here]

The most dangerous of all Roberts
I've already called the police.

Old Naked Woman
Mom, I'm telling you for the last time, it's not funny.

am i crazy? what am i doing?
Yes. I don't know.

The Wonderful World of Pizza, Care Bears and Neurotic Medical Students
Drop the med students, and you've got a deal.

The Better Blog
No, not really.

Irritation Station
Try Gold Bond powder.

Why Daddy Drinks
Does it have something to do with how shitty his life is?

i'm a miserable piece of shiet
Dad, is that you?

Niels' weblogs
Really, Niels, do you need more than one?

HelFire's Blog and other stuff
Condemned for misspelling "hell." Also worships Satin.

The View from Missouri
Looks dull from here.

The New Shit
Can it really be as good as the old shit?

without the masks, where will i hide?
Try kneeling under the desk. Really. It works.

LivIng Each daY PurposefullY
Today's purpose: Learning how to capitalize.

Journey Inside My Mind
So that's left at the neuron and right at the synapse?

Crack is Whack
If this isn't Whitney Houston's blog, I'm going to be really pissed.

Nymphomania or Narcolepsy?
Hmmm. I've got to go with the nymphomania.

Become A Male Porn Star
Finally! This one I'm bookmarking.


Cupcake Man said...

freedom is a cupcake baby

Cupcake Man said...
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Clara said...

that was hilarious

Andy said...

Glad to see that my blog got your attention... XD

Hurricane S. said...
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