Friday, December 16, 2005

The halo effect

Ever notice how news photographers like to take pictures of political figures against backdrops that make the subject look somehow dignified?

Have a look at this pic of Sen. Bill Frist, which appeared in papers Friday morning:

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See how the photographer has chosen the angle so Frist's head is framed against the sign in a way that looks a lot like a halo? Even the pose makes him like a Biblical prophet.

Then there's this photo of Sen. John McCain, also from Friday's paper:

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The photographer has deliberately shot from below, against an elaborate ceiling, also producing a halo appearance.

Also, there's this recent picture of President Bush:

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Man, what a freaking doofus.


Joe the Working Schlub said...

See the lame analysis I did of the halo effect. :)

NYPinTA said...

I think I might use that last image as my new desktop. It's high-larious!!