Thursday, December 29, 2005

There is no hope. None.

Description of liberals found on a far-right-wing blog:
The major problem with the Left today is that they're so disconnected from reality. ... The main reason why they're like that is because they live in an echo chamber. They surround themselves with fellow travellers who all shout the party line without thought, and they get a great deal of positive feedback if they respond in kind.

[Liberals bloggers] just tapped into that. Most of the people who leave comments are just there to write the most amazingly vile, hate filled screeds you can imagine. Then they're praised for doing so, which encourages them to come back for more later.

I guess I could get snarky and say something like, "Look in the mirror much?" But really, why bother?

Seriously, we're fucked. Oh, and Happy New Year.


Douglas Hoffman said...

The term, I think, is projection.

We're only fucked if the government doesn't change hands in '06. Well, actually, you're right. We're probably fucked regardless, but impeachment would go a long way towards repairing our image with the world.

NYPinTA said...

Except the rest of the world would say: And it took you all 6 freaking years to do it?!