Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Our creative film journalists

"Film critics, at least the guy ones, have been going ape over Watts" --Los Angeles Times

"Fans go ape at King Kong premiere" --CBBC

"Fans will go ape over two Kong releases" --Sun Sentinel

"Reviewers go ape over movie" --New Zealand Herald


"Going ape over holiday films" --San Mateo County Times

"New Yorkers going ape for $50M 'King Kong' lottery" --New York Daily News

"Going ape over holiday flicks" --Deseret News

"Going ape over King Kong" --South African Star

"New York is going ape over the giant gorilla" --TVNZ, New Zealand

"Critics go ape over remake" --Bradenton Herald

"On DVD: They still go ape over 'King Kong'" --Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Going ape for awesome 'King Kong'" -goTriad.com

"And the reviewers are going... ape crazy for it." --The Register UK

"I will go apeshit if I see this stupid, lazy phrase in connection with 'King Kong' one more time." --The Velvet Blog


Mark H said...

When I was in High School I went ape over Jessica Lange in the last King Kong remake

Gina said...

I'm going bat shit over Hollywood's remake madness. Somebody, please...write something that is the same story as before, but just thinly veiled as a story we haven't seen before.

ps ms. yvonne had her baby girl 12/08

unclewilly said...

Can't we just pretend they're talking about the Alternative Press Expo? The Atari Peripheral Emulator? Auckland Peering Exchange? Apple Peel Emulsifier? No? Too bad . . .

Asher Hunter said...

Hmmmm .... its almost as if film critics are unimaginative and uncreative. Could such a thing be? After all, they wouldn't let them criticize movies unless they could do better themselves, would they?

John said...

Unoriginal film critcs: Monkey see, monkey do, I guess.

Hey, my verification word today is ptzuzo. It sounds like an Eastern European party game that's sweeping the globe. Ptzuzo!

Jim Donahue said...

>>It sounds like an Eastern European party game that's sweeping the globe. Ptzuzo!

Ha! That cracked me up.