Monday, March 13, 2006

For crimes against fiction? For wasting hours of my time?

'Da Vinci Code' Author Brown Takes Stand

For plagiarism? Man, that is so five minutes ago. You've got to do a lot more to get on Oprah these days.

I know next to nothing about da Vinci. So when your da Vinci-expert hero takes PAGES to realize the script he's reading is mirror writing when it took me five seconds, well, you've got a story-telling problem.

Oh, sorry: SPOILER.


Doug Hoffman said...

I remember picking up that book, reading the first paragraph, and thinking, "Meh." Later, I remember being baffled as all hell at its success. But then I remembered that the Left Behind books are wildly popular, too; and then my brother the born-again told me Da Vinci Code was a great book, and suddenly it all made sense in a nauseating, gut-twisting kinda way.

MsYvone said...

Haven't read DaVinci Code yet. It took me 6 years to finally see Titantic. I thought, "Meh"

Asher Hunter said...

I read DaVinci Code. I even read Angels and Demons, trying desperately to figure out why these books are so damned popular.

I'm still not sure. But then again, I can't figure out why Britney Spears and Dubya were popular either.

punkinsmom said...

I read both books too (DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons) and I thought they were fine. Not great not dreadful, just... fine.
I think some people were expecting too much based on the hype. It's just a book. If it keeps you occupied for a few hours it's done its job.

NYPinTA said...

Why the Da Vinci code is so popular:
1) Short chapters
2) He makes fun of the French.

The end.