Monday, March 06, 2006

Well, I'm glad it's understood by the devices

Actual E-mail I received this morning. Emphasis mine:

Dear Sir,

I reviewed your company website in detail and thought of communicating. I write to you from E---- Technologies. E---- Technologies, based out of Mumbai - India, is a diversified technology leader, focused on embedded software and services in the area of electronic. Recently we have developed a BACnet stack for ARM7TDMI core to receive message at BACnet interface and translate it to another proprietary protocol, which is understood by the devices. Its is developed on ATACD micro-processor & NOHAU ARM Emulator using eCOS, Porting of eCOS to ATACD, UART Device Drivers for eCOS, arm-AT91-elf-gcc toolchain, BACnet Stack & BACnet Services, FC Stack & Conversion Module from BACnet to FC. ...

Please let me know if we could discuss this value proposition with you in slightly greater detail.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

B---- P----l
E---- Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Slightly greater detail? Er, thanks, no.

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