Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday photoblogging

I bought a digital camera a year or so ago, and after that I pretty much forgot about my old film camera. Which, as it turned out, had a roll of film in it. I got it developed last weekend and was surprised to find pictures I shot in Montreal in the fall of 2004. I'd completely forgotten about them.

Anyway, here's one that I like a lot. The framing's a little off, but I like the golden color of the light coming in from the street.

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trinamick said...

I'm famous for forgetting about film for a year or so. It's like a nice little trip back to the past. Or to the future if you have a DeLorean.

NYPinTA said...

That's a great picture!

I once found a disposable camera in my closet that was at least 5 years old before I got the film developed. I still have no clue when I took the photos because I recognize anything in them!