Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rock, paper, and the other thing

I am the copy chief for a business-tech magazine--400,000 or so subscribers.

Even so, there are certain words I always, always have to double-check that I'm spelling correctly. One of them is scissor. Why is there a c in there? Why aren't there any zs? It just looks wrong.

I think we should all learn Esperanto--the artificial language with standardized spelling and pronunciation--if only because that way, we wouldn't need subtitles to appreciate the William Shatner film Incubus.


Gina said...

Scissor...gauge...those are two off the top of my head. When my insomnia strikes, even the word "which" becomes a difficult one to spell.

MsYvone said...

refridgerator. REFRIGERATOR. Fridge. ARGH!

Peter said...

Mine are 'calendar' and 'privilege'. The are like the oven you are never sure you actually turned off - even when I've spelled them correctly, I feel like I'm screwing up.

unclewilly said...

I have a couple of those words. Slightly off topic, but when I was ten years old I couldn't think of how to spell "took" for a couple of days. I refused to try to write it down, frustrated that I couldn't remember such a simple word. I got over it, but it was strange.