Thursday, January 11, 2007

Smokes, shoots, and leaves

Creepy. I just found out that a senior editor at another tech magazine--not unlike the one where I work--was killed, and the police allege a drug connection.

PC World editor slain at California home

I hope it's not a serial editor killer. I guess we won't know for sure till he kills at least three and puts a comma between the last two.


fermicat said...

You don't have a grown child living at home growing weed, do you?

Jim Donahue said...

No, but who knows what my dog is up to when he's alone?

Bix said...

Jim, I have a question. When I was a young and impressionable girl, a nun slapped my wrists when I failed to place a comma between the last two words in a series. Was she justified?

Jim Donahue said...


Personally, I like the serial comma and always use it. I think it can add clarity in certain series. However, it is not a must. Some style guides call for it, some do not. For instance, The New York Times does not use the serial comma; the magazine where I work uses it.