Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are you a zombie? Take this quiz!

--Do you blindly take quizzes when directed to do so?
--Do you like to eat brains?
--Are you dead, yet ambulatory?
--Do you walk in a slow, strangely shuffling gait?
--Do you trust Fox News as your primary source of information?
--When appearing in a George Romero film, do you forgo makeup?
--Do you prefer to socialize with zombies rather than the living?
--Are you related to Rob Zombie?

SCORING: If you answered any of these questions "yes," you are probably a zombie.


blogone said...

What other signs should I look for in zombie-like folk. I work people who say yesssss to everything and stare blindly into computer monitors and wander around as if they are dead on the inside and quite frankly outside.

blogone said...

On a separate note, your tag line reminds me of a blog I had called 'Tales from outside the War Room' about work, but I decided to change the name.

Jim Donahue said...

The "war room" line is from Dr. Strangelove.