Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is it too early to start wishing for blissful sleep?

A few weeks before the 2004 elections, I asked for instructions to von Bulow myself because I just couldn't take the pre-election blather and nastiness.

The 2008 elections are far, far away, but I'm already fed up.

Remember the anti-Clinton "1984" ad? Of course you do--it was everywhere a few days ago, so unless you're drunk or have been away from your computer or your TV exploded, you've seen it.

Now, here's the fallout. Enough! Enough!

Really--please Mr. Gore, could you just declare already so we can look forward to solid candidate? Please?


Anonymous said...

Enough, indeed (although I wouldn't recommend the Von Bulow route just yet). The whole episode is just another example of the pols playing their roles in a production that can only be called a farce. More on the theme on my blog:

Peter said...

Bill Richardson looks presidential, and is doing so without going negative, imho. Hopefully when some of enough of the mud is through flying, people will start paying attention to him.

fermicat said...

Just more stuff to tune out...