Friday, March 23, 2007

The Velvet Blog's Greatest Hits (Updated)

What is it that keeps people coming to The Velvet Blog? Is it my rapier-like wit? My animal magnetism?

No, it's some weird-assed random shit that people do searches on, never to return to these welcoming shores again.

Every single day, I get about 25 or more people looking for pictures of Samoan facial tattoos here, despite the fact that I have no picture posted, and even the link to what I thought was such a picture turns out to be not Samoan at all, but New Zealandish. (Wait, is that a word?) There are times that I get 20 hits for this in a row. It's a little odd.

This post about the woman who paid thousands of dollars to rent her phone is inexplicably popular six months after the fact. I'm apparently not the only one who thinks Ester Strogen is a made-up name.

People love pictures of mad dogs and Donald Rumsfeld. But they also love pics of raindrops on roses and copper kettles, so it all balances out in the end. Again, I don't have such pictures, but I link to them and this is enough to get image searches on a pretty frequent basis.

Many, many people are concerned that Deborah Norville has a problem with one of her eyes. The left, I think. I don't mention her eyes in that post, but people still come here regularly because the word "eye" appears close by in the archive for that month. No one seems to be discussing her eye from what I can find on the Web, but people search for this information all the time. I suspect some type of cover-up. (Her eye looks fine in photos, IMO.)

I'm not the only one who likes that song in the Penney's commercial. If Forever Thursday ever puts out an album, it's going to be huge.

My response to Harriet Meirs' nomination to the Supreme Court gets lots of hits--not from people looking for Meirs info, but Judge Judy fans. Well, she is quite the looker!

Yes, this was a clip show.

UPDATE: Someone from the office of the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms just found TVB by searching for "deborah norville's butt." On the taxpayer's dime, Mr. Gainer?


Peter said...

Most of my traffic is due to Google image searches for pictures I didn't even host - all I did was link to them, but for some reason, Google leads them to my page. (Hence the blurb under my blog title.)

For the past three days, I have been getting over 250 hits a day, way up from my 10 to 20 normal hits. People are looking for pictures of Larry "Bud" Melman.

psycho-therapist said...

hi jim,
will you please tell me how you track your visitors? that is funny as hell and fascinating, too.
now, let's see if you get visitors because of comments.
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