Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've protested the use of the ubiquitous phrase "I threw up in my mouth a little." But sometimes, really, it's just pure reportage.

Closing words between Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove, from Rush's radio show (quoted by The Washington Post's Dan Froomkin today):

RUSH: I received a bunch of e-mails from people when I said you were going to be on, who wanted me to pass on to you that they love you.

KARL ROVE: Oh, thanks, Rush.

RUSH: We all do.

KARL ROVE: Thanks, buddy.

Geez, you two. Get a room.


fermicat said...

I have hated that phrase from the first moment I ever heard it. But I agree, it might be appropriate in this case. It might even be too mild.

NYPinTA said...

Karl Rove is Satan. Or his very motivated helper. I haven't decided which yet.
Rush is just a yob.

Emily Gordon said...

I would prefer Rush not speak for even his idea of "us." I've never cared for that expression either--who wants to imagine it? it punishes the disgusted further with disgusting imagery!--but I agree, it's just right for this cuddleglut.