Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nikki Nicely has that holiday spirit

At a Wal-Mart store in Columbus, Ohio, Nikki Nicely, 19, jumped onto a man’s back and pounded his shoulders when he tried to take a 40-inch Samsung flat-screen television to which she had laid claim. "That's my TV!" Ms. Nicely shouted. "That's my TV!"

A police officer and security guard intervened, but not before Ms. Nicely took an elbow in the face. In the end, she was the one with the $798 television, marked down from $1,000. "That's right," she cried as her adversary walked away. "This here is my TV!"
--The New York Times

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Qaro said...

We don't have cable and our TV's getting ratty. I ventured out on Black Friday for the sales. And I must say "Duh". I waited _in line_ just to speak with a salesperson at Sears who told me that the doorbuster TVs were all sold out. Then went home and saw they were still available at the sale price online for in store pickup. It's with mixed feelings I mention that Ms. Nicely could have gotten that TV for $699 at Best Buy.