Thursday, April 14, 2005

Keep it to yourself

Lyric of the day:

You say you'd like to kill the man who broke my heart
You don't think he should be allowed to live
You say you want to shoot the dude who screwed me up
Me, I'm trying so hard to forgive

But here's his address, here's his picture
Here's the make and model of his car
He works until 4:30
Then he hangs out at the topless bar
With a girl on each arm
If he should come to harm...
Just keep it to yourself

Remember how he cheated and he lied to me
You told me that it makes you lose your head
I see they're pouring concrete on Route 33
I don't believe you'd do those things you said

But here's his address, here's his picture
Here's his pager number and his cell
He works out at the health club
And he really likes to watch himself
Flexing in the mirror
If he should disappear...
Just keep it to yourself

--Amy Rigby, co-written with Bill DeMain of Swan Dive

What makes the song work is that the music accompanying these lyrics about offing an ex is a gentle bossa nova with almost-whispered vocals. Very amusing. Click on "Amy Rigby" to go to her site. Then click on "Listen" to go to some snippets of songs, including "Keep It to Yourself."


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