Wednesday, April 06, 2005


When I started this blog, I said it was solely to amuse myself. But I've come to realize that isn't true.

Actually, I want to be worshipped.

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Oh, not like the capital-G God. Maybe like a demigod, though. You know--like Hercules.

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Yeah--that's it. Like Hercules. Only I'm not cleaning the stables.

Is that asking so much?

Man, I really have to renew my gym membership.



Jezzy said...

*bows down*

You are indeed great, oh mighty one.

Jim Donahue said...

AT LAST!!!!!

Talley Sue said...

Hercules, hero of ancient stories ...

When I was a kid, my grandmother's TV station in Minnesota carried an animated TV show called "hercules"--that was the opening line.

(I'll sing it for you if you want)

You could adapt it easily...

Donahue, hero of grammatical stories..

dpb3 said...

Talley Sue...
I grew up with that show and song... The gold belt buckle he wore sticks in my mind.