Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Smackdown: Lidsville vs. The Bugaloos

In this corner: Lidsville

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Premise: Boy falls into a hat and is transported to a land inhabited by oversized talking hats and ruled over by a malevolent, remarkably fey green-skinned magician.

Remarkably fey green-skinned magician

Pros: Always suspected hats have lives of their own. Charles Nelson Reilly isn't forced to make double entendres about bosoms while sitting next to Fannie Flagg.

Cons: Having suspicions about living hats confirmed isn't necessarily a good thing. Charles Nelson Reilly is actually less annoying while he's making double entendres about bosoms while sitting next to Fannie Flagg. A character is named "Weenie."

And in that corner: The Bugaloos

Would you buy a pop song by this woman?

Premise: Four British 20-something "teenagers" who are both insects and pop stars (just like Clay Aiken) clash with Benita Bizarre, a crone who lives inside a jukebox and also craves pop stardom, despite the fact that she's being played by a woman old enough to hawk denture adhesive.

Pros: Keeps Martha Raye in Polident.

Cons: The Bugaloos are now living in my attic and Raid isn't working. Image of Martha Raye's overly made-up face seared into my brain cells forever. Now that I'm running photo, image of Martha Raye's overly made-up face now seared into your brain cells forever.

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On balance: Both are (fairly) harmless substitutes for mind-altering drugs.

And the winner is...: Lidsville.

Deciding factor: The concept of The Bugaloos just isn't believable.



Jovianne said...

Hmmmmm what about H.R.Puffinstuff? Something about a talking golden flute named Freddie?

Jim Donahue said...

I completely forgot about Freddie the flute.

Freddie the dog, however, was named after the current prince of Denmark. There was a news story about him the day we got the dog, and he seemed kind of regal.

Grammarian said...

DynaGirl! DynaGirl!