Tuesday, August 23, 2005

OK, this is just plain freakin' weird

First poop. Now pee.

What's next?

No, wait--don't tell me. Seriously.

PS: I ran Blogger's spell checker on this entry before posting, and it wanted to know if, instead of freakin', I meant foreskin. Just for the record, no, I did not.

This whole thread has gotten so odd, I've decided to run a picture of my dog, just to change the topic.


Isn't he a cutie? Discuss.


unclewilly said...

He deserves a float with kibble and water pockets built-in. Oh, and a monogrammed robe.

Jay Jordan said...

does yur dug bite?

fanatic cook said...

Would you call him fluffy? or curly?

Jim Donahue said...

Freddie is more curly than fluffy. He's at least half poodle--and, like pure-bred poodles, doesn't shed at all--but we're not sure what the other half might be. I suspect some kind of terrier. (He was rescued after an accident, and his background is a little sketchy. But we do know he was born in Colombia! We've had him a year and a half, and he's going on 4 years old.)

Jay, he does get a little aggressive when playing sometimes, but we don't think he'd bite.

Oh, and Uncle Willy, Freddie may not know you, but he likes you already.

To explain the photo, he doesn't like to swim, but he's gotten to love going on the raft. Put it by the side of the pool, and he jumps right on.

RealAbstract said...

I had a cockapoo terrier for 17 years. Best dog ever.

Jovianne said...

King Freddie floating around in his 'heated pool'. . .
Looks VERY Happy and Content!