Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"It's my party, and I'll lie if I want to"

Vice President Cheney protested yesterday that he had been misunderstood when he said last week that critics of the White House over Iraq were "dishonest and reprehensible."

What he meant to say, he explained to his former colleagues at the American Enterprise Institute, was that those who question the White House's use of prewar intelligence were not only "dishonest and reprehensible" but also "corrupt and shameless."

It was about as close as the vice president gets to a retraction.
--Dana Milbank in the Washington Post

I just want to clear up a misconception, too. When I said Vice President Cheney was dishonest, reprehensible, corrupt, and shameless, what I meant was that he's dishonest, reprehensible, corrupt, shameless, and when he was young, he was so ugly that his mother had to hang a pork chop around his neck to get the dog to play with him.

Glad I could clear that up.

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NYPinTA said...

Cheney is Rodney Dangerfield's brother!? Wow. What a small world huh? :P

Anonymous said...

cheney rocks and you know it

Jim Donahue said...

If by "Cheney rocks," you mean "should be covered with a pile of them," yes, that is true.

Anonymous said...

he rocks in a haliburton sort of way, if you axe me...

orange and silver cars all around!

Anonymous said...

When he was just little Ritchard Cheney, his mother told him, "Son, one day you will to grow up to be a big Dick."

And she was correct.