Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Misty watercolor memories

Many years ago, I worked at a publishing house that had a consulting editor named Congdon. The young woman from HR who sometimes sat at the reception desk consistently called him Mr. Condom. She was completely oblivious to this, and it wasn't a joke on her part.

She'd call me and say, "Mr. Condom is here to see you." And I'd reply, "Oh, Mr. Congdon is here, is he?" And she'd say, "Yes, that's right, Mr. Condom is here."

I didn't have the heart to correct her.

UPDATE: Hmm. For the subject line of this post, I wanted to quote from the song "The Way We Were." I assumed the line was "misty watercolor memories." That is, like a watercolor painting. Judging by a Google search, most people think it's "misty water-colored memories," which means memories the color of water. That doesn't make much sense.

Barbra, I know you're a loyal reader, so please clarify.


Grammarian said...

"Miss Pussy? Come in here right away. And bring Mr. Condom with you."

Barbra said...

Sorry, but time has re-written every line.

MsYvone said...

We had a receptionist that would purposely mispronounce one guys name. She had a lovely long island accent, which fit in well dahn he-yah in the Sauth.

"Toad FAILure you have a call on line 5. TOAD FAAAILURE! call on line 5" correct name was Todd Failor