Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Postcards from the edge

Presenting a new occasional feature on The Velvet Blog: selections from my collection of vintage postcards. It'll be like PostSecret, only not so godawfully depressing!

First up: The Big Duck.

TBD is a Long Island landmark. Originally built during the Depression in Riverhead, where I grew up, it served as a store on a duck farm on Main Street. Later, it moved to Flanders, and now it's in Hampton Bays (or on the way there, anyway). These days, it's a store for the Suffolk County Parks Dept. (I have a nifty Big Duck t-shirt, too.)

You've gotta love buildings that look like big animals.

More on the Big Duck at Roadside America.

(Click on the image for a bigger view.)


alan said...

A duck shaped building! Now I've seen it all.

Jim Donahue said...

Oh, it's an American tradition, Alan. Poke around the Roadside America site--there's lots of examples.

MsYvone said...

What a nice complement building for the Big Chicken!

God Is My Codependent said...

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck...goose!