Monday, July 03, 2006

Whatever happened to ...

I was listening to Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left while driving to the office last week, and when the CD got to "River Man," that made me think of Katell Keineg, a rather eccentric singer-songwriter who did an amazing cover of that song for a compilation record awhile back.

I hadn't thought of her in years. She was supposed to be the next big thing when Elektra released her first album, but her oddness wasn't exactly the stuff of mass market sales, and when Elektra's administration changed, out she went. I haven't even heard her on WFUV--pretty much the only music station worth listening to in the NY area--in ages.

So I was surprised to open the New York Times magazine section this weekend to find a long piece on Keineg. I really didn't know anything about her, and she sounds like an interesting person.

It's worth a read.

(Update: A day after this article appeared, used copies of the OOP CD Jet were going for $99 on Amazon.)

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