Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stephen Hawking needs your help

He asks: How will the human race survive the next 100 years?

--After Oprah becomes president, everyone in the entire world finds goody bags under their chairs filled with O's favorite things, and a sense of inner peace envelops the planet like an exquisite comforter filled with the down of organically raised free-range goslings.

--The continued renewal of Law & Order imparts a sense of welcome stability, especially after Sam Waterston is replaced by Robot Sam Waterston in 2024.

--Jet-packs--please let there be jet-packs!

--John Connor, leader of the resistance, is saved by the T800, allowing him to fight against the android rebellion started by Robot Sam Waterston after Law & Order is finally canceled in 2078.

--Cher's "My Final Tour, And This Time I Mean It" tour of 2092 is particularly compelling.

--Aliens arrive in 2106, and their book, "To Serve Man," is a huge success until we realize it's a cookbook, then things turn ugly. Turns out we're surprisingly tasty when served with mango chutney. Who knew? The End.

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trinamick said...

That's one of my favorite eps.

CG said...

ah, I see someone else caught the Twilight Zone marathon this weekend.

Mizzark Stanzeezy said...

Through canabalism and incest