Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Buon giorno (part 2)

More from around the house in Ortona--

There were lots of olive trees on the property:

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View from the bedroom:

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Midweek, we went to Chieti, a VERY hilly town about 40 minutes from Ortona, which had a couple notable museums that housed ancient art from the area. Did I mention it was hilly? 'Cause it was.

I have no one to blame but myself, but I got really sick from walking up and down Chieti's hills in 90-something-degree sun--I guess it was heat stroke plus deyhydration. That night, I had chills, fever, pounding headache. I really didn't feel back to normal for 48 hours.

I cannot stress this enough: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

View from one of the hills, on the way to a museum:

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This statue, known as the Warrior of Capistrano, dates from the 6th century BC. Quite a jaunty hat!

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Can't remember the date on this, but I found this mother-godess figure to be quite striking:

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She was housed in this room that had very eerie lighting:

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Before there were Buns of Steel, there were Buns of Marble:

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Seriously, people had really nice heinies back then.


trinamick said...

That warrior was a little hippy. Those pants really don't flatter his figure.

punkinsmom said...

That's so funny trinamick! I was thinking the SAME THING! I even said the word "hippy" (in my head --I don't talk out loud as I type).

And I've had Heat Exhaustion (that's the *ahem* medical term *ahem*) and it is NO FUN. You do feel like a deflated balloon. Plus nausea. And pain. I'm sorry you had to suffer it on such a lovely vacation.

Jim Donahue said...

Difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke--and you're absolutely right, I had the former.