Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Global warming's upside

Jill Sobule came to my area a couple of months ago, and put on a fine, fun show. Having what's perceived as a novelty hit--in her case, "I Kissed a Girl"--kick off your career can be a real mixed blessing. Yeah, your name gets known and you make some quick cash, but the "novelty" tag sticks and people get sick of you quickly.

She writes witty, catchy, often deceptively cutting pop songs as well as more folkie story/character songs. IMO, she's seriously underappreciated.

Anyway, she sang this the night I saw her. Here's footage of the first time she performed the song, written after a challenge a couple of days before an Al Gore appearance, which I found on YouTube.


MsYvone said...

Makes me wish I could whistle!

Doug Hoffman said...


She's cute, too ;)