Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book 'em

Concerned reader God Is My Codependent and I have been discussing the new Amazon Kindle, a pricey new e-book device.

I like the idea of an e-book. But this isn't gonna fly.

An e-book that can display PDFs--say, copyright-free books from Project Gutenberg and Wowio and the like--as well as downloaded purchased books from any source would be wonderful. (Can my eyes read books purchased from Amazon as well as the used book store two towns over? Last time I checked, yes. And and an e-book should do likewise.) Picture something like an iPod that you could easily sync up to your computer and move books and periodicals on and off. That would be cool. But $400 for a device that only displays proprietary works protected by digital rights management (meaning I can't give or loan purchased e-books to anyone)? They've got to be kidding me.

Here's a good look at the issues involved in e-books. (Via Pharyngula.)


Dave said...

I didn't click the link yet, I will. I suppose the book publishers will have to go through the same "evolving pains" the music and movie industries are stumbling through now.

Dave said...

Went to the link and on to "The Right To Read" from way back in '97.

I'm torn by the issue of control over content and the creator's right to control distribution, traditional copyright law.

I'm hopeful, that over time, we will sort out the rules in the new digital age.

punkinsmom said...

So this is something you hold in your hand that has the text of a novel or biography or somesuch that you can take with you anywhere and read at your leisure? You mean, like a book?