Monday, November 12, 2007

Name of the Day

From a front-page New York Times story, so, no, this isn't like Liz Onya or Heywood Jablowme*:
Peter B. Teets, the new head of the nation’s spy satellite agency, appointed a panel of experts to examine the secret project, telling them, according to one member, “Find out what’s going on, find the terrible truth I suspect is out there.”

The terrible truth, sir, is that your name seems to be sending a seriously mixed message.

*Which, yes, actually made it into a New York Daily News "Voice of the People" piece.


punkinsmom said...

Poor guy. I wonder if he grew up with gender identification issues.

God Is My Codependent said...

Eurasmus B. Draggon

TootsNYC said...

Am I the only one a little alarmed by his assertion that he's going to *find a truth* that he SUSPECTS is there?

Sort of like asking a reporter what the headline will say, before he's even reported the story.

It's just an alarmingly non-chronological order.

Shouldn't he "find out what's going on, find the truth, even if it's a terrible one"?

So he's going to start w/ a preconceived notion of the truth, giving it a value judgment to boot, before he's even started gathering facts?

If he finds evidence of something that could be true, but isn't terrible, will he ignore it?

(and yes, his name is good for a laugh)