Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Suggestion for Hollywood

Given my great recent success coming up with concepts for TV shows, I've decided to branch out into film.

Here's my first idea: Denzel Washington should change the name of his new film, The Great Debaters, to The Master Debaters.

I'm not exactly sure why--I just can't quite put my finger on it. But it sounds like the kind of film that I might watch. Late at night. Maybe on cable.

Hmmm. My subconcious is obviously making some sort of connection here, God only knows what. But I have to learn to trust my instincts if I'm going to make it in Tinseltown.


Doug said...

My son got so bored at Thanksgiving today, he tried to engage one of his two cousins in rock-paper-scissors. Neither wanted to play, so he did a two-handed version without their help.

I loudly ordered him to stop playing with himself.

TwoBusy said...

With a title like that, they wouldn't be able to print enough tickets -- they'd be beating them off with a stick at the box office.

Jim Donahue said...

I know, right?

Well, if the producers won't listen, I may have to take matters into my own hands.