Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The customer reviews on Amazon are so amazingly helpful!

I was thinking of buying a cheap mandoline on Amazon. Maybe this one. Let's ask previous customers what they think:
Even when its new it works best on hard-ish vegetables like carrots or zucchini or potatos and less well on *juicy* veggies like onions or cucumbers. The more watery veggies tend to slice more unevenly and break apart.

Hard veggies only--no soft ones. That's good to know!

And what about you, ma'am?
... If you are cutting something even remotely hard (such as celeriac, or even an old big carrot) it will flex so much that your slices will not conform at all to the size you want them to be, ...

Hmm. Well, OK. Better use it on soft veggies only, then--no hard ones. And you?:
It really only works on hard vegetables...

Hard only? Point taken. What about you?:
Made the mistake of running a couple of sweet potatos on this. Now, it's a goner. Only made for softer veggies, ...

Soft only. Great!

Well, thanks for clearing that up, everyone!


Dave said...

Good sharp knife. Honing steel. Both fit in the same drawer.

Will said...

It's a difficult instrument to play. You really need strong callouses for the fingering.

punkinsmom said...

dave! I had typed almost the same exact comment and then decided it was too snarky. I'm glad someone else had the nerve to say it. ;)