Thursday, December 13, 2007

My personal trial

The publisher where I work is moving to an "open floor plan" next year, meaning no more offices--all cubicles and a big open space.

I think I'm developing a touch of social phobia. (Oh, who am I kidding? I've always had it.)

(Gold star for anyone who IDs that film still. There is a rather heavy-handed clue in here.)


MsYvone said...

I know these aren't it, but its what popped into my head:


Joe Vs The Volcano

The Producers

Something starring Anthony Perkins

Jim Donahue said...

That is indeed Anthony Perkins. You have a good eye--with him turned half away from the camera, I didn't think he was recognizable.

So you're halfway there.

(By the way, Joe Vs. the Volcano is one of my faves.)

Jim Donahue said...

("I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?" I love Dan Hedaya's repeated delivery of variations on that line in Joe V. Volcano--that always cracks me up.)

God Is My Codependent said...

Is it from a film directed by someone who looks strangely like a photograph that often appears here on The Velvet Blog?

Jim Donahue said...

Strangely, yes.

MsYvone said...

ah. I looked it up, but it's not one I knew of before hand. So I'm not going to answer. it's kinda brazil like in its synopsis...

I may have to watch Joe v Volcano again, I absolutely hated it when I saw it (in the theaters). Maybe it was my mood at the time.

Jim Donahue said...

Joe Vs. the Volcano is definitely an odd movie, but it has some great dialog in it (by the guy who wrote Moonstruck), and it makes me laugh.

That said, when I saw it a theater on its original release, my mom and I were the only people laughing. It kind of bombed. Poking around the Net, though, I see it's developed a vocal cult following. I have it on DVD and watch it least once a year.

And now, someone still has to ID the film pictured to win that coveted gold star.

MsYvone said...

I'll definitely give Joe another look, Moonstruck is one of my all time favorites.


TwoBusy said...

It always makes me happy to hear someone else singing the praises of J vs. V.

"Live like a king... die like a man. That's what I always say."

As for the still... it's not Psycho, Psycho II or Fear Strikes Out (I think... all I remember are the baseball scenes, so I guess I could be wrong), so I'm guessing I'm not going home with a shiny gold star today.

Jim Donahue said...

Scroll down for answer.

It's from Orson Welles' film version of Kafka's The Trial. That's the open-plan office of Jim Donahue ... er, Josef K. (Anthony Perkins) pictured.

Not a great movie, but it has its moments.