Monday, December 10, 2007

Name that tune

Music meme picked up from TwoBusy:

How many songs on your iPod?
Roughly 870 (it's an old-school 4-gbyte nano, so fits about 1,000). But that counts some podcasts, old radio dramas, etc.

Sort by song title, first and last
First: The cover of "... Baby, One More Time" by Fountains of Wayne. Punctuation comes before the letter A, apparently.

Last: "Youth and Age," by that favorite, Various Artists. It was from a Peter Gabriel-sponsored project called Arcane, which featured ... well, a bunch of various artists, and no one is credited for particular tracks. This one was based on a poem by Yeats, and is rather lovely.

Sort by time, first and last
Shortest, at 6 seconds: "One Last 'Whoo-Hoo!' for the Pullman," by Sufjan Stevens. Not really a standalone track, but a coda from the song before it. Annoying, actually, as when I burned a CD of the album, downloaded from iTunes, there's a space between the two tracks, and I can't figure out how to join them when making a disk. They play without a gap on my iPod.

Longest, at 12:30, "Bros," by Panda Bear. A hypnotic drone, this is sort of a love-it-or-hate-it track, and I fall into the former camp. (That's the longest single song on my iPod, but there are longer podcasts, etc.)

Sort by album title, first and last
First: 1, by the Beatles. Numbers come before A in iTunes, too.

Last: Yours, Mine & Ours, by the Pernice Brothers.

Sort by artist, first and last
First: A Fine Frenzy. Kind of Tori Amos-y or maybe Regina Spektor-ish. The song "You Picked Me" was an iTunes freebie. I liked it enough to keep, but not enough to buy anything more.

Last: The Zombies, for their Odessey [sic] & Oracle album.

Top five most-played songs
Well, the top players are tracks I tend to put on repeat when trying to fall asleep or work, so they play endlessly till I wake up (or stop working, which ever comes first), which doesn't seem quite fair. For the record, they're tracks from Dr. Harry Henshaw's "Music for Sleep" and Gregorian chant by Hildegard of Bingen. As far as songs I listen to while, you know, listening, they would be:

"Cada Beijo," by Bebel Gilberto, as remixed by the Thievery Corporation, at 23 spins. While I do love this track, I was surprised to see it at #1.

"Fotheringay," by Fairport Convention, vocal by Sandy Denny, 17 plays.

"All My Little Words," by Magnetic Fields, 16. Another surprise.

"Acoustic Guitar," by Magnetic Fields, 16. And another.

"At the Chime of a City Clock," by Nick Drake, 15.

Find how many times the following words turn up
Sex: 0

Death: 12, mostly because of a bunch of Death Cab for Cutie tracks.

Love: 83, but the presence of many tracks from Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs set kind of skews this.

You: 98

Boy: 10

Girl: 33 (My iPod is straight? How'd that happen?)

First five songs in shuffle
"Come Back from San Francisco," Magnetic Fields

"Hackensack," Fountains of Wayne

"Goin' Back," Dusty Springfield

"(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding," Elvis Costello & the Attractions

"Amplifier," the dB's


punkinsmom said...

These iPod bits and pieces always make me want one.

TwoBusy said...

Given what appears to be substantial overlap on the Pernice, Magnetic Fields, Costello, Fountains & Drake... your iPod and my iTunes would probably get along like peas and carrots.

God Is My Codependent said...

I don't have an iPod. That's where iBody Snatchers come from.

Jay Jordan said...

no iPod...

been thinking about getting one of those cool bag phones, though..