Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I, for one, would like to know the names of his four children

For years, a friend and I have been sending each other instant messages when we come across funny names. Yes, we're fully aware this is juvenile.

But all that is over, because we've found the funniest name in the world, and there is nothing else we can find that will even come close. Any other funny name we find from here on in will just seem lackluster.

And I'm about to share it with you.

OK, are you sitting down?

You are? OK. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to ... Murdaya Poo!

Of course, as he is the 13th richest man in Indonesia, he could buy and sell me, and that probably takes the sting out of it.


fermicat said...

Any relation to Winnie?

MsYvone said...

Murdaya Poo is undoubtably the funniest.

I think I know one of the longest, and it's an honest to god actual person, last known to live in Detroit. Few others have lived if they got the pronounciation(sp?) wrong, I have heard.

Donquita Sharanita-Nay Trapapedia Reunita Davis

Will said...

Yvone, I guess that when people called her Donqui they were only making asses out of themselves.

A said...

I hate to play the unsporting thingummy...but its not really funny...

words from other languages do not necessarily translate well into other language...or even get spelt correctly...phonetically or not.

and yes, it definitely seems a tad too juvenile!

A said...

that almost sounds whiny...sorry about that...and the muddled language!


Jim Donahue said...

Didn't mean to offend. When I state up front it's juvenile, taking the time to point out that I'm being juvenile seems a bit unneeded.

It's not that he's foreign. When I poked fun at local advertising executive Steve Starlust for stealing "my science-fiction porn name," was that offensive?

A man named Poo is just funny, provided you have the maturity of an 8 year old. I'm clearly being self-deprecating here, hence pointing out he's rich enough to buy and sell me.

Deodand said...

Of course it's juvenile. The funniest name I have personally encountered in my work is Joe Bloski. My boss is still laughing about that one a year later.

doctorbob said...

So that yo umight know.
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. & Mrs. Murdaya Poo during the eight years which I was in Djakarta, Inonesia.
They are perhaps two of the most socially responsible and kindest people I have had pleasure to know in Asia.
Since their meager beginnins running a calculator shop they have grown build a huge holding company and represent some of the largest industrial groups in the world.
In their personal effort to raise that developing southeast Asian nation's economic and living levels for ALL of its citizens,
(providing for electricity to remote areas ), they also take particular personal responsiblitiy in employing and caring for the literal tens of thoussands of employees whom they employ.
The correct pronunciation of the surname is perhaps more accurately / phonetically spelled "Poe".
Not as you would have it for some rather sophmoric comic "relief."