Sunday, January 10, 2010


Why does the Styles section of The New York Times exist? Is it to bug the crap out of me with bizarre trend pieces? Because, if so, it is working.

From today's paper:
Like many New York bachelors, John Durant tries to keep his apartment presentable — just in case he should ever bring home a future Mrs. Durant. He shares the fifth-floor walk-up with three of his buddies, but the place is tidy and he never forgets to water the plants.

The one thing that Mr. Durant worries might spook a female guest is his most recent purchase: a three-foot-tall refrigerated meat locker that sits in a corner of his living room. That is where he keeps ...

His severed head collection? Andy Warhol's corpse? Organ meat and deer ribs?
... his organ meat and deer ribs.

Oh, dear God.

Anyway, the piece goes to posit that there's a NYC subculture devoted to "the caveman lifestyle," and I suggest we file this under "No, this is not an Onion article."


Dave said...

I saw the headline on line this morning and know now that I'm glad I didn't bite.

I'll never make it in the City: potato salad and sloppy joes for dinner. said...

There are some beatuiful ruins of stone age refrigerated meat lockers in France, I think.

Jim Donahue said...

Well, the Flintstones had them.

Will said...

Mr. Durant, since a 26-year-old caveman like yourself has roughly four more years until death, I say enjoy that tomato which was never part of a caveman diet. Live life to the fullest. Be bold.

ChefNick said...

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy . . . people have to write about SOMETHING . . . just look at me!!!!

BTW your Captcha is tighnoc.