Thursday, January 19, 2006


My dog, Freddie, recently gave up blogging. God is My Codependent, proprietor of the Ten-Foot Poll, wrote this parting poem for him, and I thought it was too good not to share here:
O Freddie, with thy fervent "Ruff"
Whose postings without canine peer
And links to lots of doggie stuff
Went barking through the blogosphere;
O Freddie, down upon all fours
I beg you not to leave us now!
Can spammers and such blogging whores
Deprive us of your sweet bow-wow?
Do not defer your thoughtful ways!
You could not live with such deferral
You could not hope to fill your days
With fetching ball or chasing squirrel
O searching for what holy grail
Has made you suddenly turn tail?

Freddie is fine, BTW. He just has a short attention span.

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