Friday, January 27, 2006

Signs heart-warming bestseller Marley and Me was secretly ghostwritten by James Frey

The New York Times: "Belatedly, a Bad Dog Finds His Niche: Selling Books"

--Dog Marley was actually based on writer's housekeeper, Rosa
--No dog has ever been elected president
--Dogs are not allowed to get drivers' licenses in the state of New York
--NASA has not used astronaut dogs in many years
--Marley not really related to reggae superstar Bob Marley
--No proof that dogs have ever successfully performed brain surgery

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Peter said...

The FBI has been watching Marley ever since his coke dealing days at some university in Ohio (Okay, okay, it's Denison University) followed by a stint in rehab at an upscale drug rehap center in Minnesota (okay, stop twisting my arm, it's Hazleton!).

Bad dog Marley - BAD DOG!