Monday, January 23, 2006

Personal hygiene alert!

Someone is in the last stall of the third-floor men's room, presumably taking a poop--while simultaneously using an electric shaver.

I find this deeply disturbing.


Gina said...

I do favor multi-tasking when possible, but this is beyond. Actually, if he'd been on his mobile phone, pooping, and shaving -- that would have been something.

fanatic cook said...

How did you arrive at that conclusion? :)

Jim Donahue said...

Well, perhaps I'm making a leap here--but why else would he be in the stall instead of standing in front of the mirror?

Oh, and note to Gina: Actually, I have heard folks on their cell phones in our men's room, too. But not the trifecta.

Peter said...

As long as he can keep track of which hand has the T.P. and which has the electric shaver, he should be okay.

So sorry.