Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Smackdown: Jan. 23 vs. Jan. 24 as worst day of the year

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Jan. 23 is the worst day of the year.

MSNBC: No, you idiot, Jan. 24 is the worst day of the year.

Honestly, I think they both suck.

But it appears that MSNBC thinks Jan. 24 is Monday, so I'm declaring the real Monday, Jan. 23, as winner by default.

(AJC link via Meanderings in Hickville. MSNBC link via Gawker.)


Peter said...

Arnall said January is a time when people are simply working and don't have a lot of events or holidays to look forward to.

Um, I don't like the holidays - or rather, I "like" the holidays by keeping my expectations low. So I think the worst day is sometime around the middle of December. I'm feeling pretty good these days.

Yeah I know, I'm a Scrooge.

punkinsmom said...

I've had a really good week so far. I have no complaints with January 23rd or 24th. It's a bit cold, but that's to be expected in the north in January. Stop your whining. ;o)