Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Non parlo Italiano

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Getting ready for vacation (yes, Italy--if plans don't completely fall apart between now and Saturday) and things are kind of hectic, so don't expect any updates till Aug. 7 or so.


Gina said...

Buon viaggio!

MsYvone said...

Yeah, what she said! Have a great time!

God Is My Codependent said...

Beva il vino fino a che non possiate piĆ¹ ricordarsi del vostro proprio nome!

punkinsmom said...

In between being insanely jealous of you, I will miss your posts.

Alan said...

Have a great time Jim.

Darla said...

We just got back from Italy. Have a good time--eat lots of gelato. Avoid driving whenever possible. :)

Will said...

My 79-year-old, alcoholic-for-only-special-occasions father has rented a villa in Abruzzo. He has invited his girlfriend, his girlfriend's daughter, his girlfriend's granddaughter...and Jim and me along for a wild ride. To cope, Jim will no doubt follow God Is My Codependent's sage advice to drink fine wine until your can't remember your own name. In fact this might become a family activity. 'Family vacation' is an oxymoron. Let the vacation begin.

Doug Hoffman said...

Lucky dog.

Have fun!

punkinsmom said...

It is August 7.
Do you know where you Blogger is?
Hope you had a grand time!