Friday, September 15, 2006

Obvious, unsurprising headlines

Catholic Leaders Defend Pope

And this is different from what they usually do ... how?

World Bank Can't Allow Misuse of Funds

This follows the former policy of merely shrugging.

Anna Nicole Smith hires celebrity death consultant for autopsy

Given the state of things, you probably just assumed that there was such a thing as a celebrity death consultant, right?

Several killed by series of suicide attacks in Iraq

Couldn't we just save time and run this headline every day?

Bush and Congress Butt-heads

Er, wait ... That should be "Bush and Congress Butt Heads." Butt is a verb. I must have misread that originally. Well, I guess this one is a little surprising after all. Sorry.

(Thanks to God Is My Codependent for this subject)


ChefNick said...

Hmm . . . seems to me that "Several killed by series of suicide attacks in Iraq" is like, umm, multiply redundant . . . (but remember! For every suicide attack, there's one less of them!)

punkinsmom said...

What exactly does a celebrity death consultant do? Make recommendations?