Friday, September 15, 2006

What's Elmo up to now?

NEW YORK ( -- The top-secret 10th anniversary Elmo, codenamed "Elmo T.M.X," will finally be unveiled to the world next Tuesday. But will it live up to the hype?

Fisher-Price, a division of No.1 toymaker Mattel, has been extremely tightlipped about the special Elmo. No one, except a handful of company executives and a few toy industry analysts have seen the toy.

Fisher-Price has even tweaked its packaging to play up "top-secret" nature of Elmo T.M.X.

However, Fisher-Price promises that this Elmo will do something that has never been seen before in a plush toy, including the nine Elmos that have preceded T.M.X.
--CNN Money

New functions:
--Elmo can read your mind
--Elmo foretells the exact date on which you'll die
--Elmo knows where your dad keeps the gun
--Elmo does special dance that conjures up Rosie O'Donnell Satan (Note: revised to make less scary)

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