Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh, those shameless hussies in their daring one-pieces!

Don't know what it's like where you folks are, but I'm feeling like summer is pretty much over. A few trees on my block even have golden leaves.

Tom Wolfe, if you're reading this--and I know you are--please put away that white suit.

(I realized after posting this that the woman second from left appears to be wearing a two-piece bathing suit, and she's showing a bit of belly. She is a prostitute. Please avert your eyes.)


MsYvone said...

It's a chilly 75 degrees here today. brrr!

punkinsmom said...

Cold here too. Not your frigid 75, Ms.Y, we were about 45 last night. It's still early for the furnace yet.
I do have to ask if women actually used to go to the beach in kick-line formation?

Jim Donahue said...

Yes, actually, that was rigidly enforced by law in most coastal states.