Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It's time for a quick tour of my hometown!!

If I add enough exclamation points, it'll be very exciting!! Promise!!!

The Greetings from Large Letters with Pictures in Them is a whole subgenre of vintage postcards. Riverhead isn't exactly a resort town, so I'm kind of surprised there are so many cards from the era (late '40s/early '50s), especially one of these.

My dad graduated from this high school, as did both of my siblings. By the time I came around, though, it was a middle school. There are a bunch of this same exact building on eastern Long Island--several towns shared the plans.

A trip to Riverhead isn't complete without a visit to the fire department.

And surely you'll want to remember our beautiful Post Office forever! Come on in, and check out the Most Wanted posters!

I have no clue where this is. And this card appears to be older than the others--probably the '30s, perhaps even earlier.

A very nice (if rocky) beach on the Long Island Sound.

The Catholic church I grew up attending. Well, sort of. When I was a kid, there were so many members and the church was so small that I grew up going to mass in what was the parochial school's gym. Not very inspiring.

Don't forget to visit the Big Duck while you're in town!

OK, I may have been lying about the exciting part.

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MsYvone said...

Okay, weird! Your high school looks amazingly like Old Main, and the Post Office is a dead ringer for Schwab Auditorium, both on the Penn State Campus.

Jim Donahue said...

Makes sense. I think both were built during the early years of the Depression. I imagine there was a lot of blueprint-sharing going on to save money.

punkinsmom said...

These scenes make your hometown scarily Mayberry-esque