Friday, November 17, 2006

Follow me

For years, I've wanted a minion. It would be great to have a minion. "Hey, minion, I said I wanted half and half in my coffee--this is skim! Be gone with you!"

Then, recently, I thought ... maybe it would be better to have an acolyte. But, mulling it over, I realized what I really wanted was a sycophant. Or maybe an idolator. Or, perhaps, one lackey, a couple of toadies, and a flunky to be named later.

I don't think that's asking so much.

UPDATE: I've decided to hold out for a lickspittle.


Gina said...

Do you want just one minion? I would go for a legion of them!

Doug said...

I did a lengthy drooling post on Rachael Ray yesterday. Doesn't that make me at least a sycophant? How about a wannabe?

punkinsmom said...

I thought that was what children were for before my punkinhead hit puberty. Once that happened I realized the error of my ways. Now I'm just looking for good slave labor. (I don't need the hassle of worship.)