Saturday, November 25, 2006

Random 10, with links

"Once In A Lifetime," Talking Heads: "Same as it ever was./Same as it ever was./Same as it ever was./Same as it ever was."

"Goodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny, Johnny), Prefab Sprout: "Why don't you join the foreign legion?/You're still in love with Hayley Mills."

"Brakhage," Stereolab: "We need so damn many things/To keep our dazed lives going/Many things, to keep our lives/Lives going, so many things..."

"Eleanor Rigby," The Beatles: "Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been."

"Mr. Richland's Favorite Song," Harry Nilsson: "Well the calendar changed, and the pages fell off, but the singer remained the same./And he never grew tired of singing his song, and the fans still called his name./They'd leave at the end of the second show, go home to talk of the fun/For most of his fans were married by then/So they had to be in by 1."

"Tears for Affairs," Camera Obscura: "Can you handle one more dirty secret, one more dirty night?/Is it true what they say?/Will it make us go blind?"

"Rise and Shine," The Cardigans: "See the waves go down/See the moon alone/See the world unshown/I raise my head and whisper/Rise and shine/Rise and shine, my sister/Rise and shine."

"Fotheringay," Fairport Convention, "The evening hour is fading within the dwindling sun/And in a lonely moment, those embers will be gone/And the last of all the young birds flown."

"No More I Love You's," Annie Lennox: "No more I love you's/The language is leaving me/No more I love you's/Changes are shifting/Outside the words." (The original version, by The Lover Speaks, is here. Odd, but I remember this being better.)

"Oh No the Radio," Owsley: "I wish I could forget the day when/We heard our record playing/We sang the words into your hairbrush/And gave Donnie and Marie the bum's rush/When the fat lady started singing/It was over and my ears were ringing/Our song, a favorite dedication/Is going number one across the nation."

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