Friday, November 10, 2006

Graduate of the Handsome Dog Modeling School

Freddie begins his new career as a male model--watch out Marcus Schenkenberg!--with his appearance on page 15 in the new book, The Dog Ate It. I for one do not plan on adding kelp to my bread pudding, but perhaps I'm funny that way.

It's a book of recipes for food that you can share with your dog. Whether I'm now obliged to try his Paul Newman Dog Food is still up in the air.

(Full disclosure: My friend Sabrina is a book designer and needed some dog photos for this project, out from Gotham Books, a Penguin subsidiary. Freddie did not need to withstand any withering comments from Janice Dickinson to get the gig.)

1 comment:

Doug said...

The Paul Newman Dog Food -- you are aware, of course, that Mr. Newman sends his profits to the unfortunate dogs of Afghanistan? (Or was it Chihuahua, Mexico?)