Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A heart needs a home


I've seen Richard Thompson live a few times, but only after he'd split from Linda. I have a bootleg of the last tour they did together--after they'd already agreed to divorce. Probably the most uncomfortable tour ever.

ADDENDUM: One of my favorite musical memories is standing outside a venue in Central Park, waiting for Richard Thompson to go on. As I stood in line, he did Goffin/King's "Goin' Back"--a favorite of mine, and a song he's never recorded--solo, as a sound check. Beautiful.


God Is My Codependent said...

The best concert I ever went to was Valentine's Day 1990, when Christine Lavin and John Gorka did a show at The Bottom Line to celebrate the anniversary of the day they broke up.

Bix said...

What a beautiful union.

I haven't followed his career for long, but his song 1952 Vincent Black Lightening I've played hundreds of times.

Sharon said...

Thank you, Jim. That was a true gift.

I've seen RT many times, but never with Linda. Regardless, he always amazes.