Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Possible ways in which President Bush may announce Iraq plans

Press Secretary Tony Snow, last week:
I know a lot of you have been curious about when [the president] would be announcing or talking about the way forward. That is not going to happen until the New Year. We do not know when, so I can't give you a date, I can't give you a time, I can't give you a place, I can't give you the way in which it will happen, so all of those questions are yet to be answered.

--Interpretive dance
--Via a specially prepared Magic 8 Ball
--In the conservatory, by Col. Mustard, with a lead pipe

Personally, I'm hoping for the interpretive dance.


MsYvone said...

oooh, how about a fingerpainting of a Magic 8 Ball answer WHILE interpretive dancing? He could show off all his talents at ONCE!

punkinsmom said...

I was expecting it in this year's White House Christmas -er- Holiday Card.