Thursday, December 07, 2006

Proof we are living in hell

James Blunt has been nominated for a Grammy as Best New Artist.

Further proof we are living in hell: James Blunt has also been nominated for Record of the Year.

How bad is James Blunt? This bad:

Notice that I did not link directly or embed the video, because I do not want rabid James Blunt fans following a link back here and writing JAMES BLUNT RULES AND YOU SUCK!!!! comments.

What's most annoying about him? That he sings like the lost Chimpmunk? That he makes the drippiest '70s singer-songwriter look like a member of the Sex Pistols by comparison? The way he pronounces "lover" as "luv-ah," not unlike Will Ferrell's obnoxious college prof character on SNL?

Oh, it is all those things, and more.

ADDENDUM: Comments left on that YouTube page, with my replies:

my sister in law's son picked this song out for his father's funeral. My brother. This song fit them beautifully.

Given that the song's refrain begins "Goodbye, my lover," that's really making me a little uncomfortable.

This song is so sad, and hes a guy how does he go that high????

Severe testicular injury.

u know he that he had an affair with someone else while he was in a relationship with PETRA NUMCOVA. His words may be beautiful, but he's an ass to go with someone else while he was with a super model.

Unless he had been dating Janice Dickinson. Then that would be understandable.

Jesus, this song is too much.

Amen, brother.

This song has the depth and sincerity of a hallmark card. Apparently, it's very popular at funerals. Beats listening to it when you're alive.

Hey, don't knock Hallmark cards.

wow amazing... first time I heard this song I was moving up to cleveland ohio 600 miles away from my year long relationship and burst out into tears...

Moving to Cleveland often has that effect.

OMG im like just crying rite now like... omg SO sad...

[Stunned silence]


Gina said...

His fame is a mystery. And probably a deal with the devil

blogone said...

If I had a James Blunt cover band, pray I don't, I'd call it "Let me be Blunt"

Boom boom.

blogone said...

just to follow on on the comments
"I almost did myself."

Pappy's Fella said...

My father used to annoy the crap out of me by saying that no "worthy" music had been done since era of Boogie Woogie. I'm coming around to his way of thinking.