Friday, December 22, 2006

New and improved?

Anyone switch to the new version of Blogger? If so, do you recommend it?


Pappy's Fella said...

I was a pretty early adopter, and I've always been pretty happy with it. But, being in IT, I have low expectations. My Blogger template was only a little customized so the transition was smooth for me. All links, images, and archives moving into the new template without incident.

Things I liked... like the structure for the archives, like the modular way of customizing the template, like that the servers are a bit more stable. I don't really remember blogger template well enough to say what I don't like. One thing that might affect you is the change of credentials-- people who had more than one account for editing their blogs have had trouble transitioning all accounts to the upgraded blog (

Gina said...

I cannot upgrade yet. I think I have too many posts to do so. I might switch to a new blog account entirely. At any rate, I've heard about some problems transitioning links and other little personal thingies. I'm so technical.

blogone said...

Modernity moved over to it and likes it. Posted about it here:

Merry Christmas & New Year TVB.


petite américaine said...

I also upgraded early. Didn't have any trouble. Only thing to add would be this: if you made any changes to your template (within the html code), then don't take the option to switch over to the Layout format that the Beta defaults to. Layout allows for simple changes, but if you've changed your column size or anything like that it will not keep it.

Bonne Chance!