Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If we sing, are we nightingales? Shine, are we stars?

I've had this stuck in my head all day. It's a cover of a Prefab Sprout song, slightly reconfigured as bossa nova by Norwegian pop singer Sondre Lerche:

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Layoffs a-poppin' at my office. I'm spared, but lost a copyeditor.

I am really not happy right now.

Let me listen to that song again. Perhaps I'll calm down.


ChefNick said...

Oh fuck, why do you do this to me, Jim?


Do you have a personal vendetta for me? You knew I love Prefab but now you use this opportunity to torture me and fire up Prefab at 8 a.m. on Scotch and Coke.

A job. It's what you should get.

I love this fucking song.

Of course you always know I'm kidding =+)

(Hey, I can be a copyeditor!!!!!!)

Gina said...

Sorry to hear about the layoffs. They are stressful for those who go -- as well as those who stay. We've been dealing with that at my job as well.

Thanks for the song!

Jim Donahue said...

Nick: Brace yourself. New Prefab Sprout album due this summer. (The songs aren't newly written--project dates from the early '90s-- but they are, I believe, newly recorded, and produced by Thomas Dolby.) Supposed to come out in the summer.

Gina: Thanks. I was feeling overworked as it was...

Qaro said...

I'm sorry. Sending you some good wishes. Take care of yourself and get your sleep and take your vitamins.